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SR 12

The new SR12 fully encapsulates the ambitious design parameters and performance goals defined during the system design phase, thanks to the continuous teaming-up with sound technicians, musicians and mere music lovers, who daily collaborate with the company's R&D department.
SR 12 is a compact, full range 2-way speaker with wide frequency response and excellent power handling capabiity (with a pressure generating capability of over 126 dB). Particularly suitable for use in KTV clubs, Ho.Re.Co, amusement parks, fitness centers, place of worship and multi-purpose halls.
The elegant wooden cabinet is designed to control the air flow and robustly contructed with strong 15 mm baltic birch plywood, to withstand all kinds of mechanical oscillations and prevent from vibrating, and metallics front grill covered with foam.
SR12 is equipped with a high-power 12" SICA woofer and top-graded B&C driver. The system includes a high quality crossover for optimal frequency distribution, and a sophisticated protection circuit ("driver buckler") for the compression driver.
SR 12 features the clear, deep, rich and well balanced classic sound that is typical of all SR products.

Frequency response 50 Hz- 20 kHz
Sensitivity @ 1W/1m 98.0 dBSPL
SPL max (calc.) 126 dBSPL
Crossover Passive - 18dB/octave
1.9 kHz
Protection: Driver buckler
LF Transducer 12" Woofer
Ferrite magnet circuit
Voice coil diameter 65 mm
HF Transducer Compression Driver 1" Throat
Voice Coil diameter: 44,4 mm
90°x60° (H x V) horn
Power Handling (Continuous/Peak) 420W/800W
Connection Speakon Input/Output
Nominal Impedance (Passive) 8 Ω
Rigging 9 metric M8 threaded holes provided
Controls No control
Box 15 mm Plywood
2 way bass reflex
Top hat composed
of welded steel tube ø 36 mm, h=77 mm
Weight kg 20
Dimensions (LxDxH) 377 x 430 x 574 mm