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SR completes its prestigious DIGIT series with the flagship DIGIT THREE. The most powerful system of the series offers an innovative audio solution that is beyond comparison with other traditional loudspeaker systems. The system is specially designed for use at orchestral performances, small/medium size worship events, and in other situations where a sound system is required than can deliver high sound pressure levels, long range and perfect intelligibility at a distance. Like other DIGIT systems, DIGIT THREE functions as a vertical array, ensuring perfect sound coverage at long ranges while maintaining impeccable sound quality. 

DIGIT THREE 4000 (2 x DIGIT THREE Sub Active + 2 x DIGIT THREE Satellites)

The DIGIT series reinforces the company’s commitment to creating and developing sound reinforcement systems that always reflect the needs of the market. Featuring compact dimensions and lighter weight, the transport friendly systems are suitable for a range of applications.

Every aspect has been carefully researched and developed, from the SWITCHING power supply and DIGITAL amplifiers, to the wooden cabinets - a process that has involved highly qualified engineers and technicians, leading-edge technologies and expert collaborators. The result is a high quality product series with absolutely no compromise.

Digit Three Sat
Frequency response 130 Hz- 20 kHz
Sensitivity 1W/1m 99.0 dB
SPL max 131.0 dB

No filter

LF Transducer Four 6" Woofer
Neodymium magnet circuit
Voice coil diameter 65 mm
HF Transducer Compression Driver 1,4" Throat
Voice Coil diameter: 60 mm
90°x90° (H x V) horn Constant directivity
Power Handling (Continuous/Peak) 1200W/2000W
Connection Speakon Input 4 poles
Nominal Impedance (Passive) 4 Ω Woofer, 8 Ω Driver
Rigging 5 metric M8 threaded holes provided
Controls No control
Box 15 mm Plywood
2 way bass reflex
Weight Kg 14
Dimensions (WxDxH) 215 x 920 x 209 mm
Digit Three Sub Active
Frequency response 35 Hz- 130 kHz
Sensitivity 1W/1m 98.0 dB
SPL max (calc.) 129.0 dB
Crossover Electronic - 24dB/octave 130 Hz
Electronic - 24dB/octave 1,8 kHz
LF Transducer Double 12" Woofer
Ferrite magnet circuit
Voice coil diameter 65 mm
Power Handling (Continuous/Peak) 1000W/1800W
Connection XLR Input
XLR Output, Speakon Output (2)
Impedance 22 kΩ @ 1 kHz for XLR line
Input sensitivity XLR Line 0 dBu (0.775 Vrms)
in balance mode
Controls Satellite Volume, Subwoofer Voume, Ground Lift
Box 18 mm Plywood
bass reflex
Weight Kg 28
Dimensions (WxDxH) 680 x 360 x 720 mm